The Vineyards in Lamole

The Terroir

 Lamole, a high-lying hamlet of the municipality of Greve in Chianti, is in the fairly northern section of Chianti Classico; its highest vineyards are more than 650 meters above sea level, at the upper limit for Sangiovese in Tuscany.



The soils, which offer very good drainage, are made up of ocher-colored sandstones, known as “macigno toscano” (“Tuscan boulder”) to underline their texture and weight; mingled with them are inserts of alberese and galestro, and the mixture of soils that results is one of the secrets of the completeness of the local reds, which are perfumed and extremely elegant, vigorous and persistent.

The Terraces

Giving tangible proof of man’s relationship with his environment, the terraces of Lamole tell a story of fatigue, patience and courage.



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